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Project Title: Edificators and structural changes in riparian stands of Alnenion glutinoso-incanae Oberd. with prevailing alder under conditions of floods and biological invasion (SP/2D1/36/07)
Key words: edificators - riparian stands - ash-alder mixed stands - Phytophthora alni - integral growing measurement

State funding provider: Ministry of Environment,
Principal investigator: Mgr. Karel Černý,
Project period: 2007-2011.

The aim of the project was to determine the extent and causes of deterioration in riparian mixed ash-alder stands where alder was dominant, and to develop appropriate measures to stabilize and restore these stands. „Alder decline“ was very common in these situations and the Vltava and Ohře Rivers catchment areas were among the most affected regions. Two main causes of the damage were identified – Phytophthora alni invasions and also, in part, the severe floods in 2002. The combined effect of both factors was critical for the host trees. It was found that P. alni populations typically contained two sub-species, in proportions of approximately 88% P. a. alni and 12% P. a. uniformis. The pathogen survival in host tissues depended on the severity of winter temperatures and the degree of exposure based on the thickness of covering tissues. The thinning of the tree canopy and subsequent increases in light levels, as a direct consequence of the Phytophtora infections, led to irreversible changes in the tree and herb layers. Heliophilous herbs increased in abundance while shade-loving herbs decreased. Molinia coerulea expanded in highly affected alder carr. An integral growing measurement for invasible alder stands was prepared.

Project results

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