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Project Title: Distribution, population structure, and pathogenicity of alien invasive species Phytophthora cactorum in the Czech Republic (LD11021)
Key words: Phytophthora cactorum – the Czech Republic – invasibility – pathogen – genetic

State funding provider: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports,
Principal investigator: Mgr. Karel Černý,
Project period: 2011–2012.

The distribution of the invasive alien pathogen Phytophthora cactorum in the Czech Republic was surveyed, its population structure elucidated, the substrate specificity of the various genetic lines ascertained and the potential risks resulting from the invasion of these particular lines assessed. It was established that the Czech isolates of P. cactorum are relatively uniform and different from others found in Europe. The pathogen was isolated only from anthropogenic stands in the area and not from the natural ones. The substrate specificity was low, from which it may be inferred that the population very likely originated from a single wave of colonization and is probably at a relatively early stage of the invasion.

Other project participant
Mendelova univerzita v Brně (doc. RNDr. Michal Tomšovký, Ph.D.)

Project results

ČERNÝ, K., TOMŠOVSKÝ, M., MRÁZKOVÁ, M., STRNADOVÁ, V. (2011): The Present State of Knowledge of Phytophthora spp. Diversity in Forest and Ornamental Woody Plants in the Czech Republic. – New Zealand J. Forest., 41S: S75–S82.

Final report - see here ( 2,3 MB pdf ico)