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Project Title: Monitoring of natural forests of the Czech Republic (EHP-CZ02-OV-1-021-2014)
Key words: natural forest – ecosystem - natural habitat - dead wood - biodiversity

State funding provider: Ministry of Finance in the Czech Republic - EEA Grants
Principal investigator: The Silva Tarouca Research Institute for Landscape and Ornamental Gardening (RILOG)
Project period: 2015–2016

The project focuses on analysis and monitoring of ecosystems connected with natural forests of the Czech Republic. These forests represent significant refugia of indigenous, species rich and formerly common elements of the Central European landscape (e.g. very old and overaged trees with loose bark or tree cavities, presence of dead wood, etc.). They often host very demanding and specialized organisms that frequently belong to protected and highly endangered species. Natural forests therefore can be considered as so called biodiversity hotspots. Learning about the natural forest and its dynamics, as a starting point for a range of man-affected states of a forest on a given type of natural habitat, as well as bound organisms, is necessary for capturing and subsequent evaluation of natural habitats and their developmental changes.