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Borovec Roman, Mgr.

Funkce/Function: technician

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Phone: +420 541 126 205

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Other information:

Professional specialization: urban and countryside greenery, landscape architecture, territory with cultural and historical aspects

Curriculum Vitae:


Dipl. Ing., 1982, Universität für Bodenkultur in Wien (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna - Austria) - supplementary studies for legislation of my university studies.

Ing., 1972, Mendel University in Brno – Landscape Architecture – (Diploma) Completed 5 years’ of university studies.

1969, Brno University of Technology, Exceptional student – studies of some courses in architecture

1967, College of Horticulture in Mělník, Completed 4 years’ studies.

Further Experience

PC: CAD (Computer aided design),

GIS (Geographical information system),

Professional Affiliations

Member of the Czech Chamber of Architects for Landscape Architecture under the registration No. 1743

Activities in professional organizations

─ Organization and guide service of professional tours abroad between 1990-1998, (Italy 1990, Austria 1992, England 1996), and with the theme of "Modern Landscaping" (Germany and Denmark in 1997, Netherlands 1998).

- and organization of the exhibition "Contemporary Danish garden and landscape design" in 1998 at the Old Town Hall in Prague

─ Initiation of the Czech Republic's participation in the European competition (Entente Florale - competition established to recognize municipalities and villages in Europe for excellence in horticultural displays.). Organizational activities for the idea of this competition in 1995 for its incorporation into the Czech competition "The Village of the Year" and then participation as a member of the international jury in the first year of the Czech Republic membership in 2002.

Employment history

1974 – 1980: Austria: with companies of landscape contractors and landscape architects

1980 – 1981: United Kingdom: with a companies for landscape contracts and landscape architecture

1981 – 1983: Austria: with companies of landscape contractors and landscape architects

1983 – 1989: South Africa: with companies of landscape contractors and landscape architects

1989 – 1991: Austria: with companies of landscape contractors and landscape architects

1992 – 2001: Prague: own studio for landscape architecture

From 2001: Průhonice: Silva Tarouca Research Institute for Landscapes and Ornamental Horticulture, publ. research institution.

Research projects