Skrýt nabídku

Department of Forest Ecology



Basic research: the principal and long-term goal is represented by developmental dynamics of natural forests in temperate zones including both the tree and herb layers as well as soil research.

Applied research: forest restoration management in specially protected areas, natural forest dynamics knowledge transition into models of close to nature forest management.

Research themes:

  • Exact determination of developmental stages and phases in temperate natural forests; spatiotemporal variability of resulted areas.
  • Natural forest disturbance history; impact of disturbance to the tree and herb layers and with special emphasis on soil formation.
  • Tree spatial patterns on both intraspecies and interspecies levels; spatiotemporal dynamics of patterns.
  • Integration of existing component models of temperate forest dynamics into one conceptual model on various spatial scales.
  • Applications in forest management, notably in coniferous forest reconstruction towards mixed deciduous forests with an increased function of nature protection.

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